Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Android apps published by Get addresses of all India Naadi centers

Please find the Details of the Android apps published by Naadi Lovers Group

Naadi Granth Predictions    Click Here

This app is aimed to create awareness about Ancient Maharishi’s work on palm leaves in old Tamil language, called “Naadi Ole Palm Leaf Predictions “. This app provider views Naadi Maharishi’s work as service to humanity. It is no way connected with any of the Naadi centers providing the Naadi reading Facilities. Options provided for expressing Naadi Reading Experience / opinions in ‘Feedback’ section are expected to be as a matter of fact and devoid of exaggeration.The opinions expressed by the visitors not to be taken as criticism but as guidance for further improvement by the concerned persons/centers. This app neither challenges nor accepts any challenge from any rationalist organisations or Individuals.  Fees collected from Addresses provided will be utilised for conducting Workshops, Conferences on  Naadi Related Indological academic topics from time to time and to make App sustainable and long lasting.
  •  Frequently asked Questions  About Naadi Granthas
  • Some prominent personalities’ experiences and views on Naadi Granthas.
  • Feed backs by Naadi Seekers –
  • Paid part of App provides: Naadi center addresses which are grouped in three parts.
  • 1.City or nearby cities wise  2. State Or Cluster of States wise. 3.  Full India.